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Welcome to Intellaren's ICADS page. This 1st International Conference on Arabic in the Digital Space will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2012. ICADS is a refereed conference which accepts contributions in both Arabic and English using a multilingual electronic conference management system. ICADS is dedicated to monitoring and advancing the presence and quality of Arabic application software, literatory and educational substance on the digital space.


What is Digital Space?

By Digital Space (DS) we mean all hardware/software tools and networks that save, process and present information digitally. As a result, computers, handheld devices and cyberspace are among the immediate members of DS. With appropriate application software tools running on these members, users can browse, edit, search, analyze, communicate or exchange information that is overwhelmingly textual in properly supported languages, where the most commonly used human-computer interaction mechanism takes place through keyboards.


Means, goals and objectives of ICADS

ICADS is concerned with assessing the current level and quality of presence of Arabic application software tools and literatory substance on the digital space, and is therefore dedicated to enhancing the quality of such presence and substance. This is accomplished by inviting intellectual contributions from academicians, industrial professionals and bright students to a forum where presentations, solutions, tutorials, workshops and future directions are exchanged. The primary goals of ICADS are to implant the love of the Arabic language in the hearts of its speakers and students, to normalize its use on the digital space especially with the new generations, and to elevate the quality and presence of Arabic application software and literature in cyberspace to much worthier, more deserving levels of such a language and its community of users.


Topic areas

With the objectives of ICADS highly present in submissions, ICADS accepts contributions that include or are related to the following areas:

  • The science behind the Arabic alphabet and Arabic language in general
  • Computing and the Arabic alphabet, Arabic language, or Arabic-Alphabet scripted languages in general
  • Current and future teaching models of software-related disciplines in regions that depend on or use Arabic
  • Contemporary human-computer interaction obstacles and hindrances, and approaches to annihilating them
  • Innovative, modern human-computer interaction
  • Modern application and utility software
  • Current and prospect educational models and psychology
  • Computers and the K-16 education
  • Writing education and the cyberspace
  • New practical software solutions that address current deficiencies inherent in Arabic alphabet and text processing
  • ...


More concrete information about ICADS, important deadlines, venue and submission details will follow on regular basis, so stay tuned and prepare your wonderful material for ICADS!


مرحباً بكم في صفحة ICADS. 

سيتم القيام بملأ محتويات الصفحة العربية عن مؤتمر ICADS في غضون أيام قليلة جدًّا من الآن...



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